It took Earth more than four billion years to make trees. In the chain of species, trees are a pinnacle, a perfect living sculpture. Trees defy gravity, they’re the only natural element in perpetual movement toward the sky. They grow un-horridly toward the sun that nourishes their foliage. They have inherited from the primordial minuscule bacteria the power to capture light’s energy. They store it, feed of it, turn it into wood and leaves, which than decompose into a mixture of water, mineral, vegetable and living matter. So, gradually, soils are formed and water supplies, and landscapes are held together. They team with the unceasing activity of microorganism, feeding, digging, aerating and transforming…they make the humus, the fertile layer to which all life, humans included, on land is linked.

I hope one day to see so many forests, untouched, unspoiled by human exploitation, as to be feed up with photographing trees, not like now when, in my country, they are cut down at an alarming rate…and I hope that these pictures will never reach the walls of futuristic museums, a reminder that Earth once has been populated by amazing beings called trees…and is no more.

Parcul National Defileul Jiului, january 2016, middle of winter. No snow…

Keep your eyes and your heart open – beauty is all around you!

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