Waves by Bogdan D Photographer

La stana in Sureanu

La stana by Bogdan D Photographer

Inside the blizzard

Imi tremura narile
si nici o mireasma,
si nici o boare,
doar mirosul indepartat, de gheata,
al sorilor.
Ce limpezi sunt mainile tale, iarna!
Si nu trece nimeni
doar sorii albi se rotesc linistit, idolatru
si gandul creste-n cercuri
sonorizind copacii
cate doi,
cate patru.
– Nichita Stanescu-

Inside the blizzard by Bogdan D Photographer


Abstraction generally involves implication, suggestion and mystery, rather than obvious description.
– Robert Genn – 

Ombra by Bogdan D Photographer


A forest is not simply an accumulation of trees, but is itself a society, a community of trees that mutually influence each other, thus giving rise to a whole series of new phenomena that are not the properties of trees alone. Plants adapt not only to the new climates and soil conditions, but also to each other, as well as to the specific animals, insects, birds and bacteria that surround them.
The forest is an intricate, delicately balanced house of cards from which no one card can be pulled without the entire structure crashing down around our heads.
– David Suzuki –

Sipot waterfalls by Bogdan D Photographer